A BRIEF HISTORy of the el torreon

1927 - The El Torreon Ballroom had its gala opening, hosting events on the second floor.

1920-30s – El Torreon’s majestic upper ballroom celebrated a great jazz history, hosting extended engagements from Cab Calloway and other luminaries of the jazz era.  The lower ballroom was used for galas, food, and other large events.

1950s - El Torreon hosted rock & roll shows and a roller skating rink.

1970s - The building was affectionately known as the Cowtown Ballroom and hosted bands like Van Morrison, Frank Zappa, and Alice Cooper.  It was also home to a vintage market and gave space to local artists and musicians.

Early 2000s – The smaller front room was used as an “El Torreon Concert Room” and featured various acts of the hardcore, metal, punk, and ska genres.  Bridgeport Church began hosting their church services in the building and started the renovation process.

Current – The upper ballroom is closed for remodeling until late 2020.  The lower ballroom, entry, and the concert space have been revitalized to host events, music and art shows, weddings, and business gatherings. 

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