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Our stunning historical building has been a sought after venue in KCMO since its opening gala in 1927. Current renovations are restoring her to the former glory as a Midtown centerpiece of culture, music, and commerce.   El Torreon has now re-opened for special events and rental services.  You can schedule a visit and tour the revitalized venue to use as a backdrop for your special event.

When hosting your event, wedding, concert, art show, conference, or business meeting in one of our spaces, you are getting far more than a mere event space.  Our services, personnel, and prices make it easy to merge our history with yours.  Imagine hosting your event in the same place Frank Zappa, Frank Sinatra, Alice Cooper and B.B. King have played.  Picture your wedding in the same ballroom that your parents met, in the Cowtown Ballroom days.  In our clean urban spaces, you can have both a classy environment and a family friendly atmosphere as the backdrop for any special occasion.  Our services make El Torreon a one-stop shop for event services.  Come and check us out just east of the Tower in Midtown KCMO.