Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are children allowed in the event space?

A:  Yes, but they must be under the supervision of parents or guardians at all times. Children, under the age of 16 are not allowed to freely roam the venue, nor are they allowed outside without supervision.

Q:  Do you give discounts to non-profits?  

A:  Yes, we offer a 15% discount to non-religious, non-profit events when booking at El Torreon. Weddings are excluded in this offer.

Q:  Is there a security deposit for our event?

A:  Yes, 50% of your event must be paid to reserve the venue and secure a contract. This is non-refundable.  The remainder of the balance should be paid at the beginning of the event. The rental agreement and deposit does NOT include tipping of venue staff or servers. 

A:  The renting organization takes full responsibility for the repairs or replacement needed.  If damages are not reported to the event host on the day of the event, an additional $700 damage charge will be billed to the renting party.  See signed rental agreement.

Q:  What if we break something at the venue?

A:  Yes, but all flames must be surrounded in hurricane glass.   LED candles are highly encouraged at events with children present. If wax is pilled on a table cloth, the wedding party will be charged $50 per damaged cloth at the end of the night. 

Q:  Can our event use candles?

A:  No holes or tape may be used on the walls.  Sticky tack OR existing nails may be used freely.  NO confetti or glitteranywhere inside or around our building.  This includes centerpieces, fabric runners with glitter, etc.  NO fireworks of any kind.  Any decorations requiring a ladder must be hung by an El Torreon staff member.

Q:  Are there restrictions on decorations?

A:  Sound is NOT included in every package, however we do have it included with a few deluxe options.  The sound system includes two house speakers, two microphones, and an auxiliary cord. Anything beyond this can be arranged with our sound company 7 business days before the event for an additional charge. There are NO sound add-ons the day of. We do NOT include a technician to cue songs during the ceremony, but we can easily show someone on your team how to do this. 

Q:  Is there a sound system included in the wedding package?  If so, what is specifically included with this?

A:  Event tables and chairs, event space furniture (including antiques), pipe and drape, etc must be moved by El Torreon staff.  Table set-up and tear down must be done without guests in the room.

Q:  Can we move furniture at the venue?

A:  No, please allow the event host from El Torreon staff to adjust the building temperature.  We will moderate it during your stay in order to ensure comfort. 

Q:  Can we adjust the temperature in the building?

A:  Yes, you are welcome to use the complimentary wifi network.  Keep in mind that our system is not designed to accommodate all event attendees, so we recommend using it for event staff only.  A hardwired connection will need to be pre-arranged and tested.

Q:  Is there Wifi in the building?

A: Here at El Torreon, we wish to maximize your enjoyment and minimize your stress.  Accordingly, when using our space, you may arrive as early as 8am and depart as late as 12am.  All guests and vendors must be out of the building at 12:30amor a $250 per hour charge will be assessed.  

Q: When are the day-of arrival and departure times?

A:  The parking immediately in front of our building is city owned, public parking, which is complimentary, first-come first-serve.  The parking to the east of the building is privately owned, but guests are welcome to park there as well.  The city also has available spaces street-side and in the Martini Corners just NW of the building.  We always encourage car-pooling when possible.

Q:  How does parking work at El Torreon?

A:  Though we do not provide a person for event security, we have several measures in place to ensure your event is safe and secure.

1.       We have 8 indoor and 4 outdoor camera recording 24/7, and monitored on and off site. 

2.       We have panic buttons on our security system in case of emergencies.

3.       To abide by KCMO law, we require a licensed KCMO at least one police officer present whenever there is alcohol being served.  If there are over 125 guests, we require an additional officer present.  

Q:  Do you provide event security in case of emergencies?

A:  We expect all of our guests to be respectable, law-abiding citizens.  We do not allow smoking indoors, including e-cigs or vaping devices.  We do not allow shirtless guests and require shoes to be worn at all times.  El Torreon KC reserves the right to ask any unruly guests to leave and has the right to shut down any event with guests who display unacceptable behavior. 

Q:  Behavior of guests

A:  Yes, we have several connections in the businesses of photography, hair, make-up, sound technology, video, logo / design work, music / entertainment, and general event planning.  These connections offer various discounted rates or package deals to you when you let them know your event is hosted by El Torreon.

Q:  Are there outside organizations that will provide discounts?

A: No, all peanuts and peanut products are not allowed on-site due to allergy precautions.  Other tree nuts (i.e. walnut, pecan, almond) are perfectly acceptable.  Peanut oil may be used for cooking purposes only. 

Q: Are peanut products allowed at El Torreon?

A: Any left over catered food can be donated.  We have a relationship with several women’s shelters, and we will deliver your unused food the day following the event.  Your catering company will need to wrap it and leave it in our refrigerators.

Q: What can we do with extra food from our event?

A: Yes, alcohol is allowed at El Torreon events.  When alcohol is served, the renting party assumes full responsibility for providing a licensed and insured bartenderand one licensed security guard per 125 people.  In KCMO, insured bartenders are required to have a city caterer’s permit and need to bring their KCMO pouring card.  Both parties must display their licenses / badges at all times and be present for the duration of the event.  El Torreon KC is not responsible for any personal or property damages during events. It is the responsibility of the rental party to acquire event insurance through their own person insurance company.  We do NOT allow shots of alcohol to be poured, even by a bartender. We do not allow kegs in the venue, nor do we allow hard liquor to be served in the bride’s / groom’s room without a bartender present.  Our bartenders and staff reserve the right to cut-off any guest they deem appropriate, and also reserve the right to ask any guest or party to leave the venue. 

Q: Do you allow alcohol at your venue?

A:  We can help with set-up, tear down, garbage removal, flipping of the room, helping with backdrops, hanging up décor with your coordinators, etc.  We are not licensed as food handlers, therefore are unable to serve food or beverages.  Your caterers will need to take care of all food handling and returning the kitchen to it’s original state.  Food handlers should also prepare all food being used for donation. 

Q:  What can El Torreon staff help us with?

A:  Decorations and artwork are continually changing, so we do not guarantee that any artwork will be available for a particular event.  The fine art displayed in our space is curated by local artists and are not to be touched, removed, or relocated.  Decorations should not be moved from room to room. Please leave our decorations in the location they were found.  Any missing or damaged decorations after the event will be billed to the signing party.

Q:  Will the artwork or decorations I see be available for my event?

A:   All supplies, decorations, and belongings must be out of the venue by 12:30am the day of the rental.  Any supplies or lost and found items will be donated the following morning to a local non-profit.  El Torreon KC is not responsible for any lost or left behind items. 

Q:  Can I leave decorations and supplies at the venue to pick-up the next day?

Yes! We love hosting birthday parties. Due to the extravagance and attention to detail needed for a successful 15th celebration, we use Package #5 as our option for a Quince package. All florals, cake, and decor are able to be customized. Coordination is done in-house with our team as well.