about el torreon kc

The El Torreon building is a stunning part of Kansas City’s history, the jazz movement, and on the forefront the revitalization of Midtown KCMO.   This premier event space is the perfect backdrop for weddings, music shows, business gatherings, and open houses.  In addition, we offer limited shared / rental workspace Monday- Friday for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  

From the moment you begin planning your event with us, you become a part of the El Torreon history and we become a part of yours. 

Welcome to El Torreon - the Tower of Midtown.



A  B R I E F  H I S T O R Y

1927 - The El Torreon Ballroom had its gala opening, hosting events on the second floor.

1920-30s – The El Torreon’s majestic upper ballroom celebrated a great jazz history, hosting extended engagements from Cab Calloway and other luminaries of the jazz era.  The lower ballroom was used for galas, food, and other large events.

1950s - Hosted rock & roll shows and a roller skating rink

1970s - The Cowtown Ballroom, which hosted bands like Van Morrison, Frank Zappa, and Alice Cooper.  The Cowtown Ballroom was also home to a vintage market and gave space to local artists and musicians.

Early 2000s – The smaller front room was used as an “el Torreon Concert Room” and featured various acts of the hardcore, metal, punk, and ska genres.  Bridgeport Church began hosting their church services in the building and started the renovation process.

Current – The upper ballroom is closed for remodeling until late 2018.  The lower ballroom, entry, and the concert space are being renovated to host events, music and art shows, weddings, and business gatherings. 

Let us provide the backdrop for your special event by scheduling a tour.

Contact:  eltorreonkc@gmail.com


corporate vision

El Torreon KC, Inc. is a business partnership and mentoring program located in the historic Midtown of Kansas City.  The goal is to equip entrepreneurs and business owners to become excellent in their sphere of influence, while providing a place of commerce and community-based business services to the Midtown and Union Hill neighborhoods.

the 3 ventures

Business Incubator

As Kansas City continues to develop entrepreneurs, there is a growing need for a community-based landing place for business owners to connect.  El Torreon KC, Inc. offers rental spaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Our business incubator offers desk and meeting spaces for small businesses, while at the same time, offers training in marketing, branding, business finance, and workflow productivity.  Our network of mentors is committed to helping develop young entrepreneurs to reach their personal best.  We are also committed to helping pair these businesses up with young adults (High School and university age) who are interested in their field of industry.  El Torreon KC staff members walk with each entrepreneur, teaching him or her how to develop others who are a few years younger than they are.  In doing so, we are helping leaders develop young leaders.

Events Venue

During the weekday evenings and weekends, we offer a rental space for various sizes of personal and corporate events.  Spaces range in size and function in order to accommodate a wide variety of needs, including weddings, business seminars, dances, music events, art showings, corporate gatherings, bar mitzvahs, and receptions.  We hire high school and college students to serve at events, and help teach them work ethic and instill in them the value of servant leadership.  This opens up the door for us to not only pay them a fair wage, but also speak into their lives as mentors and employers.

Training and Resources Hub

In the summer of 2017, are launching an online resource hub to not only train our in-house businesses, but also to provide open-air resources for entrepreneurs who office off-site.  These resources will include:

·       Bi-weekly blog / newsletter

·       Monthly training seminars from business owners

·       Monthly training on how to mentor young adults

·       Quarterly business seminars, open to the public


El Torreon KC, Inc. operates as an independent business entity, however, shares and upholds the values established both by the shareholders and the governing advisory board.  Our goal is to see positive moral and economic transformation in the Midtown area by connecting with other local businesses, developing leaders, and mentoring the next generation.  We highly esteem integrity, concentration, perseverance, respect, self-control, humility, and creating an indomitable spirit in our young leaders.  We maintain high emphasis levels on family values, honor of relationships, and placing value on customers and clientele.  Whether this is expressed during a mentorship moment, an event we are hosting, or a community service project we are part of, we desire to represent a positive source of change to our city.